The Jazz Associates were formed a few years ago. Russ, Harley and Steve Sadd were the horn section (Steve also plays sax) for a blues band. They were talking about how much they liked to play jazz and decided to have a jam session. Russ knew a guitar player (Denis) and a drummer (Inskip) but needed a bass player. That's when Steve said “I play bass”, and fate took its course.

They jammed together, and it sounded so good, they decided to form a band. They have performed gigs and events throughout the southland under different names including “Jazz Soup" and "Hidden Voices”. After a while Russ started bringing original compositions to the rehearsals and the band decided to make a CD. Harley brought Steve Donovan in to jam with the group. Adding the piano sounded great, and he was asked to join the group.

The Jazz Associates have performed throughout the Southern California area including shows at the Temple Bar and California Club, as well as several concerts at the Hollywood and Highland complex (home of the Kodak Theater), the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Virginia Avenue Park and Santa Monica's Memorial Park, and numerous private parties.

And the band plays on...